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List of your reports of unknown phone numbers

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Don't you know to who corresponds a number? Look for the comment of a consumer that has had your same experience, for example, with the commercial debt recovery or call center

Message from: 2020-05-11 16:29:26

Chi รจ
Message from: 2020-05-29 16:18:35

he calls me incessantly for a reason
Message from: 2020-07-08 22:48:01

Alguien sabe quien es
Message from: 2020-06-17 08:27:45

some time ago I got tempted to invest in Bitcoins, The fraud company used persons in their marketing the I stated as legit. IT WAS NOT. Lucky for me I never press the CONFIRM bottome and Now these people call me from everywhere. Think they might have sold my data to a lot of other fraudsters. Have any of you tried CALL BOMB ? this does the reverse calling them like a millions times? or do anyone have a better idea of hurting thise swindlers ?

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    2020-12-22 20:10:08 03216572276
    2020-12-23 05:53:29 01774573798
    2020-12-23 06:15:52 07418335871
    2020-12-23 09:32:01 01344424
    2020-12-23 10:07:47 01145538680
    2020-12-23 15:58:34 02036301742
    2020-12-23 18:26:52 44777091684
    2020-12-23 18:41:12 01728067
    2020-12-23 19:55:21 01788720578
    2020-12-24 07:57:42 042592933