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Who calls you, look for the phone number

Insistent calls from unknown


First of all, you can find the number clicking as the relative numbers in sequence, once completed, you can visualize the possiblecomments of other consumers on the number you have searched, or you can directly go to the page of the reports



If you think that the number belongs to a debt recovery society or to a call center, you can use the research tool “ Find numbers” where are listed almost all the cell phone or fixed numbers of Italy

Quiero saber si es de cobranza o alguien de un telefono publico que no quiero que me llame nunca mas
Quién llama ?
numero desconocido.
De quien es ?.
Me vienen llamando de ese telefono varias veces y se corta
Call details
Give tha call details
De quién es este número
Call center propone abbonamenti Vodafone, insistenti, maleducati, hanno una voce stupida.
Really annoying automated calls?????!!!!!
No message left on my answer phone so obviously not important
It is clear this number is a conn. She says that she is from Malta. She says that our Government has given permission to phone our numbers. It is clear that these are just LIES and they are out to steal our money. They should be castrated, had their fingers cut off and slowly kicked to death.
looking for caller one
hi there
Call centre
This is a scam .The caller wants to test my broadband router. But I don't have one. Phone put down on me when I accused her of trying to steal from me.
scam number - beware
Truffa callcenter energia elettrica. Anche se vengono denunciati i casi o segnali, purtroppo il sistema messo in piedi dai soliti amici di amici, non può essere bloccato. Abbiamo leggi ad hoc a favore delle compagnie telefoniche
Te llaman y no contestan
Llaman y cortan siempre

List of reports